Target Team

Our professional target shooters trust our bows for steadfast quality and craftsmanship. Together we dominate the proving ground of competitive archery.

Win with Mathews

Since Mathews’ debut on the ASA, IBO and World Cup Archery circuits, we have won more than any other bow company, and in some cases, more than all other bow companies combined. From our professional team shooters to undiscovered amateur competitors, we honor the world’s best shooters with contingency payouts. Click the links for the documents needed to request a contingency form and W9. See below for contingency program details.

Mathews Bow Contingency

Bridge-Lock Stabilizer Contingency

194 Out of 224 IBO Team Championships

65 Out of 84 IBO National Championships

28 Out of 54 World Cup Championships

105 Out of 142 Shooter of the Year Awards

Featured Team Mathews on top

“It was another great weekend for our team,” stated Mathews Pro Staff Manager Derek Phillips.


By Levi Morgan

Target Pros

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Stacy Laviana

Title 36

Chatsworth, GA

Laura Huff

Title 36


Dillon Wylie

Title 38

Alto, MI

Jimmy Wright

Title 38

Eagle Springs, NC

Isaac Sullivan

Title 38

St. Albans, VT

Kasey Smith

Title 36, Title 38

Stockbridge, MI

Laura Strickland

Title 38

Franklinton, NC

Charlie Rogers

Title 36

Meridianville, AL

KJ Polish

Title 38

Carmichaels, PA

Brad Martin

Title 36, Title 38

Vicksburg, MS

Janet Knight

TRX 34

Nauvoo, AL

Mason Dowell

Title 38

New Martinsville, WV

Colton Brazier

Title 38

Lafayette, LA

Derek Begnaud

Title 38

League City, TX

Tanner Adams

Title 38

Tyrone, PA

Scott Hopkins

Phase4-33, TRX40

Lacona, IA

Jeff Hopkins

Phase4-33, Title 38

Lacona, IA

Stephan Hansen

Title 38


Levi Reitsma

Title 38

Middleville, MI

Rob Yahrmarkt

Title 36

White Lake, MI

Sam Suiter

TRX40, Title 38

Trenton, KY

Jordan Dearman

Title 36

Jefferson City, MO

Adam Collins

Title 38

Morrice, MI

Mackenzie Bergman

Title 36, Title 38

Adah, PA

Amanda Mlinaric

Title 38


Robin Jäätma

Title 38


Matthew Young

Title 38

Mercer, PA

Logan Wilson

Title 36

Peachtree City, GA

Tiffany Tanner

Title 36

Dearing, GA

Lainey Smith

Title 36

Red House, WV

Whitney Price

Title 36

Jonesville, LA

Cody Lippencott

Title 38

Waynesburg, PA

Michael Huff

Title 38

Clarksville, TN

Haly Grine

Title 36

Lancaster, PA

Seth Greene

Title 38

Honea Pat, SC

Kevin Dukes

Title 38

Ocala, FL

Sandra Compton

Title 36

Santa Fe, TX

Jeff Raney

Title 38

Goddard, KS

Randy Morocco

Title 38

Strongsville, OH

Nathan Wilken

Title 38

Littleton, CO

Sawyer Sullivan

Title 38

Blaine, MN

Ryan Jeffries

Title 36, Title 38

Shepherdsville, KY

Hunter Hogan

TRX 40

Ashgrove, MO

Garrett Ayersman

Title 38

Morgantown, WV

Lisell Jäätma

Title 38


Nathan Winters

Title 38

Laurel Bloomery, TN

Sam Smith

Title 36

Ila, GA

Brent Platt

Title 38

Cranberry Township, PA

Chris Bee

Title 38

Howell, MI

Danny Evans

Title 36

Monticello, IL

Michael Shore

Title 38

Southern Pines, NC

Brent Qualls

Title 36

Loris, SC

Ryan Hawks

Title 36

Waverly, OH

Nick Harp

Title 36, Title 38

Charlotte, MI

Chris Hammond

Title 38

Norman, OK

Reo Wilde


Pocatello, ID

Chris Perkins

Title 38


Dave Thompson

Title 38

Logan, OH

Preston Roberson

Title 38

Moncure, NC

Steven Marsh

Title 38

Littleton, CO

Kevin Koch

Title 36

Chillicothe, IL

Andy Hargrove

Title 38

Columbia, TN

Shawn Greathouse

Title 38

Johnstown, CO

Tate Gerald

Title 38

Blue Ridge, GA

Justin Fuller

Title 38

Petersburg, MI

Danielle Edelmann

Title 36

Dade City, FL

Dominic DeMichele

Title 38

Milan, MI

Bobby Cothran

Title 38

Fairview, TN

Emory Budzinski

Title 38

Wausau, WI

Tim Boykin

Title 38

Savannah, GA

Cara Kelly

Title 36

Lapeer, MI

Jackie Caudle

Title 38

Gadsden, AL


Title 36, Title 38

Midland, NC


Title 38

Kent City, MI


Title 38

Toccoa, GA


Title 38

Omaha, NE


Title 38

Longmont, CO


Title 38

Rockport, IN


Title 36

Mahopac, NY


Title 38

Dublin, GA


Title 36, Title 38

Lynchburg, VA

Tournament Schedule


January 19, 2024 / Nimes, France

Lancaster Classic

January 25, 2024 / Lancaster, PA

The Vegas Shoot

February 1, 2024 / Las Vegas, NV

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