Since the beginning of Mathews Archery, verifying our technology has been at the forefront of our priorities. When a new bow model is developed, we immediately put it through our internal wringer of cycle testing and performance assessments. After months of testing in the lab, we send out dozens of prototypes to our Team Shooters to be put to the true test.

From there, our new bow models are torture tested in the toughest conditions our team can get their hands on. From the frigid north to the arid south and everything in between, you can trust our bows have been vetted. We don’t test on customers. No bow hits the market before passing our Proving Ground.


Chris Bee




Brett Seng




Levi Morgan




Ben Harshyne



  • John Scovil

    AK Caribou, NM Elk, WI Whitetail

  • Ben McPherson

    UT Muley

  • Austin Thomas

    UT Muley

  • Chris Bee

    AK Moose, NE Muley, OH Whitetail

  • Brett Seng

    CO Muley, MT Elk

  • Tom Fecht

    UT Elk, WI Whitetail

  • Jerrod Hoff

    UT Elk

  • Luke Schwarz

    NM Elk

  • Levi Morgan

    NE Whitetail, MT Muley, WY Muley, MS Whitetail, TX Audad, MO Whitetail

  • Nate Green

    UT Elk

  • Gene Treu

    WY Elk

  • Derrick Schillinger

    WY Elk, MN Whitetail

  • Caleb Parry

    WY Elk, WI Whitetail

  • Joel Maxfield

    OR Columbia Black Tail, CO Antelope

  • Lee Lakosky

    UT Elk, IA Whitetail X2

  • Amos Leis

    WI Whitetail

  • Jordan Gill

    MT Elk

  • Evan Fuhs

    SD Muley, MN Whitetail

  • Ben Statly

    MI Whitetail, WI Whitetail

  • Pat Reeve

    AK Moose

  • Brad Bever

    IA Whitetail

  • Brad Treu

    MN Whitetail, IA Whitetail

  • Mark Drury

    IA Whitetail, TX Whitetail, MO Whitetail

  • Derek Nelson

    NE Muley, WI Whitetail

  • Mark Hayes

    WI Whitetail x 2

  • Kevin Fry

    MN Whitetail

  • Nick Gann

    WI Whitetail

  • Ben Harshyne

    IA Whitetail

  • Anthony Covey

    MN Whitetail

  • Aaron Sligh

    IA Whitetail

  • Randy Birdsong

    OK Whitetail

  • Nate Hosie

    OK Whitetail

  • Gregg Ritz

    IL Whitetail

  • Andy Maxfield

    KS Whitetail, SD Antelope

  • Kyle Wieter

    IL Whitetail

All Bite. No Bark.

The all-new 2023 Phase4 is our most silent and stealthy hunting system to date.

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