Each year we select team shooters to field test prototypes of our new hunting bows. We refer to this process as the PROVING GROUND. Watch the film and read their stories below.


Brad Christian + Brett Seng

“What first showed up as unfinished aluminum has become my favorite Mathews of all time.”

– Brad Christian

Brad Christian moments after field testing 75lb Switchweight mods on public land in MT.

Brett Seng concealing the white primer on an early prototype with an old decoy.

Brett Seng soaking up the joys of taking his largest archery bull to date with the 3rd Vertix prototype.

Watch their journey unfold in the film above.

“Each year I always wonder how much further technology can go, so getting ahold of the new rig in early August to test it out on my fall hunts was an awesome experience.”


“Within 15 minutes of pulling the new Vertix out of the box, I had it shooting bullet holes through paper and busting nocks out to 100 yards.”

“My first chance to put the bow to the test was in Utah.

We had chased this same buck for the past 3 years. He finally made a mistake at 44 yards.”

BBD with the new Vertix


“After a successful hunt in Utah and many more since then, I’m excited to see what the rest of the 2019 season behind the new Vertix has in store.”

Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson puts the Vertix through its paces during his Colorado elk season.

“When basecamp is at 9,000ft, you know your lungs are in for some serious work in the coming week.”

Practice makes the prepared.

Jeff Simpson sending some final practice rounds in camp before hitting the hills.

Checking in from up top looking for a bugle to chase.

“After locating a herd, we dropped in to the middle of them and hunkered down. When it happened, it happened fast.”

A welcomed sight on the road to recovery.

“I first got my hands on the new Vertix a week before heading west. It’s a great feeling being able to gain such a level of confidence in such a short amount of time.”

The work begins.

“After nearly 4 miles from the point of impact, I was ready to head home to Kansas for the next chapter of the 2019 season.”

Levi Morgan

“The look on my face says it all when I realized I was holding a bow with some of the coolest technology I’d ever seen.”

“Putting on the bars to test out the overall feel of the bow. I’ve always been a “feel” guy. FYI – it was great.”

“Shooting long distance always gives me the best idea on how well a new grip is going to perform. So we sighted in to 90 or so and started busting nocks! I love this thing.”

“After some long range practice, we started testing on X’s. The groups were even better than I’d hoped.”

“I drug the Vertix around all fall from mountain to mountain and state to state in search of a giant.”

“The Vertix held true every time.”

“I’ve bowhunted for 26 years and it’s moments like these that keep me coming back.”

“I left the country a few times so far this season, and on this trip was able to kill a once in a lifetime Woodland caribou. 76 yards, 30 mph wind and he didn’t make it out of sight.”

“Outside of God and Family, bowhunting is my life. I can’t say how the rest of my year will go, but I’ll be out here searching with the Vertix in my hand.”

Derek Nelson + Caleb Parry

Mathews Marketing employees Derek and Caleb hunt early season Antelope and Mule Deer with the 2019 prototypes to experience the new technology for themselves before launch day.

“After we hit goat country, we pulled over to get dressed and do the ever-so-important coin flip for first stalk.”

Target acquired.

“A handful of sketchy stalks in flat country had us covering ground to find goats in more hospitable ground.”

Caleb struck first.

“A prompt pack out and quick clean up at the truck before we were wheels up to find the next target.”

“We became regulars at the only gas station within 50 miles. We’re fairly sure by stop #9, the cashier knew what color our kitchen walls were.”

Sweet success on the final afternoon in Montana.

Loaded down and Alberta bound.

“We sat within 60 yards of this bedded buck for nine hours. Finally, he gave me an opportunity at 52.

⁃Derek Nelson

“It came down to the last hour of the last day. A Hail Mary stalk and shot left me standing over my first Mule Deer.”

-Caleb Parry

The final load for our 23 hour trek home to Sparta, WI.

2019 Hunting Line

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