Montana Elk

Chris Bee

A Long Haul West

Every year I plan a hunt where I push myself and my skills outside of my comfort zone; this year I planned to pursue my first elk in Montana. I spent more time practicing, tuning, and preparing for this trip than any other hunt before.

Going into the 4th day of hunting we slipped in close behind the herd heading up the mountain. Pausing halfway to the top, we let our thermals settle before slipping in to the heard bull. Still hunting and calling through the pines, we finally caught a glimpse of his rack through the timber coming to investigate the calling. The bull spins to leave, I range an opening, draw and sent an arrow that hit its mark. The emotion was uncontrollable, a feeling I wish I could bottle up.

This hunt was a true test of my patience, adaptation and shooting skills. A true proving ground of my abilities and equipment.

It is refreshing to experience a new feel of balance with a tactical bow built synergistically with accessories.

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Shrewd Vantage
  • Axcel Landslyde
  • Easton Axis
  • G5 Deadmeat
  • Ultraview UV3

Balance Perfected

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