Wyoming Whitetail

Levi Morgan

River Bottom Chess Match

Wyoming is heaven on earth for a bow Hunter. So many incredible things to chase but probably most well known for its elk and mule deer. I’ve been lucky to have hunted here for over 10 years with some great success along the way.

When we laid eyes on this buck for the first time we knew he was the biggest whitetail we’d ever seen in this part of the country and instantly all of my focus turned to him. I had him at 90 yards with no shot the first day we hunted him and after that he vanished. Each day we glassed and glassed and just couldn’t turn him up. With one day to go Micah and I went in to the only place we couldn’t see. A patch of cottonwoods near a big cattail swamp. We hung the saddles and an hour before dark I put a perfect arrow through this giant.

If you’d have told me to draw up the ultimate hunting bow that was based off precision and dependability….it would look just like the V3X. I set this bow up in July and I haven’t moved a thing. It’s been my best fall ever already and it’s far from over.

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Axcel LandSlyde 5-Pin
  • Bowmar Archery Bars
  • Gold Tip Pierce Tour 250
  • Swhacker 261
  • Qad Integrate Rest
  • Bowmar Nose Button
  • Bowmar Peep Tuner

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