Newfoundland Caribou

Remi Warren

New Horizons

My Woodland caribou hunt in Newfoundland this year was incredible. While hunting with the new V3X I was able to close in on an incredible caribou bull, or stag as they are locally called.

After getting dropped in a remote area, we encountered all kinds of weather. The day prior I chased another good caribou but the last stalk ended in disappointment when he busted from his bed at 20 yards. The next day was a different story as I snuck into range and waited for the bull to stand, giving me a perfect shot.

As I walked up on the bull I could not believe my luck. I looked around as the snow started to whip in, a rainbow appeared off in the distance and an incredible animal laid at my feet. I said a prayer of thanks and smiled as I laid my hands on the caribou thankful for the challenge and reward bowhunting brings.

The V3X is built for hunting anywhere. It is quiet, smooth, and perfectly suited for all conditions. Having the quiver so close to the bow and the sight integration in the riser makes windy shots high on the mountain much more manageable.

Remi Warren

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Spothogg Fast Eddie XL
  • Day Six HD 275
  • Day Six Evo 125 gr

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