Nebraska Mule Deer

Joe Sir

The First of Many

One of my good buddies has invited me to join them in Nebraska the last few years but I just haven’t been able to swing it schedule wise until this year. For me, this trip was primarily an opportunity to spend time with good friends and a chance to stretch our comfort zones beyond the whitetail woods.

We arrived in Nebraska on the evening prior to opening day. I knew it wasn’t going to give us much of a chance to scout and after a relatively unsuccessful evening glassing, opening morning was looking more like it was going to be another scouting mission. Shortly after first light we found ourselves on a high point glassing the rolling hills to our west and it was nothing short of luck that we happened to catch 3 bucks making their way out of the standing corn to bed. We devised a plan that would eventually put us within 90 yards of the bucks and as a little more luck was handed to us, the bucks ended up making a shift and working their way to 30 yards where I was able to capitalize.

With any hunt, my goal is to harvest a mature animal that represents the quality of game in that given area. In my opinion, a trophy is in the eye of the beholder and is measured in more ways than just inches of antlers. With that being said, when an animal happens to measure quite well you won’t find me complaining. We left Nebraska with a cooler full of meat, memories with good friends, and my biggest mule deer to date.

“The entire design and integration of accessories on the V3X is nothing short of brilliant. I can’t imagine mounting a sight to the side of a riser again.”

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