Montana Mountain Goat

Brett Seng

Drawing and Filling a Bucket List Tag

My hope was to be young enough to draw this #1 bucket list tag and hunt the way I always dreamed of, but what I was enlightened with during the hunt was it was my age and experience over the past 27 years of bowhunting that was my largest asset.

The fresh snow was soft but had a “pop” to it when your foot settled into it. Like feeling of a perfectly packed snowball. The billies fed below me in a ancient old growth forest on a knife ridge secondary to the main ridgeline. It was a slow, methodical hop scotch game in the mixture of wet rock and snow that went on for 120 yards with my target billy inside 50 yards. I wanted my shot to be a perfect opportunity. If this wasn’t going to work, it was going to be bad luck and not lack of patience. At 38.2 yards got my perfect opportunity. After the shot broke and the billy crashed 16 yards from impact, I took in a massive deep breathe and soaked in that fraction of perfection we feel as a bowhunter. In an ocean of 20 years worth the imagination, nothing could paint this incredible moment as perfectly as it was happening right now.

The V3X has a perfect combination of balance and forgiveness I find in my archery. The new quiver is unparalleled to any design I’ve seen to date, just hold it once and you’ll see what I mean. The combination of balance, forgiveness, and slim profile makes the V3X my favorite bow to date and I feel like a broken record these past five years but it’s true… they just keep getting better.

Brett Seng

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Dual Pin Single Post
  • Victory VAP Elite V1 250 Spine
  • Iron Will Solid 100 Grain

Balance Perfected

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