Iowa Whitetail

Brad Christian

Art of the Ambush

A mature whitetail buck is among the most challenging North American animals to take with a bow or photograph creatively. The ambush method of hunting is high risk, high reward. If you climb into the wrong tree, you’ll spend the day watching squirrels. But choose the right tree and you’ll feel nearly invisible as you loom above one of the cagiest critters around.

After five years of applying to bow hunt in Iowa, I drew my tag this fall. With my prototype V3X and camera in hand, I left Montana in pursuit of an aerial encounter.

The V3X is perfectly balanced because the bow and accessories were designed holistically as a system. It’s just a smarter way of thinking.

Brad Christian

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Spot Hogg Hogg Father
  • Easton Axis Match Grade 340
  • G5 Striker
  • Wilson Pro Overgrip

Balance Perfected

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