Iowa Whitetail

Ben Harshyne

A Step Ahead of Clyde

Summertime velvet inventory on a new farm revealed a buck that stood above the rest in terms of body size, age, and dominance. That there were higher scoring bucks around didn’t matter to me. No doubt, the mysterious buck built like a Clydesdale was my top challenge this season.

Midday on November 4th, my sidekick Micah and I hung a double set at the head of a draw that pinched two fields into an hourglass. Four sticks up, it was evident that we were still out of the game because there were limbs unreachable to trim. So we deconstructed and moved 5 yds closer into a skinny Cherry tree. Ascending high enough to be surrounded by the leaves was a priority to remain concealed. Our wind was true with the high elevation, sending our scent down the hill behind us. That minor adjustment proved to be the ticket when the industrial-strength “Clyde” button hooked the CRP while scent checking for does, and approached our pinch. I took my time burning that middle pin on his vitals, sending an arrow for the KO that capped off a special week of November whitetails.

The balance of the V3X is unlike any other, with the accessories as tight to the center of the riser as possible. I tagged eight whitetails this year, and never removed the quiver once.

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Spot Hogg Hogg Fast Eddie 3 Pin
  • Easton 4mm FMJ Injexion 33o
  • Rage Hypodermic NC
  • Carter Nock 2 It Release

Balance Perfected

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