Alaska Caribou

Chris Neville and Trail Kreitzer

Dropped into the Alaska tundra

When the oversized bald tires of the bush plane landed we remember feeling overwhelmed by the size of the landscape and anxious about our chances of success with a bow. If there are caribou here, where are they and how are we going to get close?

We had arrived at what was going to be our home for the next ten days. The Alaskan tundra.

From camp with a naked eye we could see five miles in most directions across the vast tundra and thought surely if there were caribou here we would see them. Turns out, caribou are funny that way, seemingly popping up suddenly from an almost completely absent landscape.

Days were long and mostly spent behind glass with almost sixteen hours of daylight to hunt. Slogging through the tundra, going from location to location, and waiting out bad weather became the norm as we learned more each day on how to effectively archery hunt caribou in Alaska’s tundra.

On the fourth day luck fell our way as we were able to do the impossible doubling up, going on back-to-back successful stalks.

The ultimate bow for western big game hunting. Even in the toughest of conditions I never had a doubt.

Gear List

Additional Gear

  • Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Double Pin
  • Tightspot 5 Arrow Quiver w/ Total Peep Hip Quiver Attachment
  • BeeStinger Microhex 15″ Front Bar
  • BeeStinger Microhex 12″ Back Bar
  • Victory RIP Elite (300 Spine)
  • Bohning Blazer Vanes (3 Fletch)
  • Rage Hypodermic NC Expandable Broadhead
  • Hamskea Raptor Peep 3/16
  • Carter Wise Choice 3 Finger Release
  • Axcel Landslyde Carbon Pro Slider (5 Pin .019 pins)
  • BeeStinger Microhex Stabilizers
  • Easton 4mm Long Range (300 Spine)
  • AAE Max Stealth Vanes (3 fletch)
  • Slick Trick Standard 4 Blade 100 Grain
  • Tru-Ball HT Pro 4 Finger Release
  • Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Rest

Balance Perfected

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