Best Laid Plans

A journey following Bobby Warner, Mark Seacat and Adam Foss. Colorado and Nevada. Three friends, four tags.

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"The guys you've shared a camp with or a backcountry experience with, those friendships are at another level. You can't fake those relationships. Those can only come from experiences in the outdoors."
Bobby Warner

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"Just like that, the buck stood up. It was perfect. For it to all come together like it did... It's stalks like this you dream about."
Adam Foss

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"The hike outs are the best hikes you can do. They're painful. You've got a ton of weight on your back. But you can't help but smile the entire time. You just know that all the hard work paid off."
Bobby Warner

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"All the funny things that happened, all the hardships, the misses, the successes; you have that to look back on. I think that part of the hunt was really rewarding because we got to be there and we got to have those experiences together."
Mark Seacat

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