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Monster® Safari

The McPherson Series Monster Safari delivers unprecedented strength and performance. With features such as exotic African Wood Inlays, Integral Grip, and AVS cam system, the Safari is equally a work of art as it is a powerhouse in the field. At Mathews, engineering and innovation is a way of life. We take pride in developing new technologies that enhance performance and fulfill your archery experience. The patent pending Honeycomb Core Technology is another advancement in a long line of archery innovations and is found exclusively on the McPherson Series Monster Safari! The natural design of honeycomb is one of the strongest in nature. The hexagonal honeycomb design has been used in aerospace industries for years because of its high strength-to-weight ratios. It goes without saying that the Safari features strength to the core.

Finishes: Black


let off 65% and 80%
bow weight 4.8 lbs
half sizes 25.5" - 30.5"
ibo rating 350 fps at 30"/85 lb with 425 grain arrow
draw weight 85 lb or 70 lb peak weight
axle to axle 33"
brace height 6"
draw lengths 25.5" - 31"

All specs approximate. Weight shown without accessories.

$2,100 MSRP
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