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No Cam® HTR

The NO CAM® HTR is a highly accurate hunting bow built around our revolutionary NO CAM® ST Technology. Featuring concentric cams and a true-center nocking point, the NO CAM® HTR provides effortless tuning and zero nock travel. Shorter, more rigid quad limbs, a less reflexed riser, twin Harmonic Stabilizers and our innovative Focus Grip™ contribute to the superior accuracy and feel of this extremely smooth, quiet and balanced design. Rock Mods™ come standard on the NO CAM® HTR and are available in 65%, 75% and 85% let-off.

Finishes: Black


let off 65%, 75%, 85%
bow weight 4.14 lbs
half sizes 24.5-29.5"
ibo rating Up to 330 fps
draw weight 50, 60 & 70 lbs
axle to axle 32"
brace height 6 5/8"
draw lengths 24-30"
riser length 28.92"

All specs approximate. Weight shown without accessories.

$1,099 MSRP
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Our revolutionary NO CAM ST™ Technology utilizes two circular and concentric string tracks, allowing the string to travel at a constant distance from the center of rotation during the shot cycle. This eliminates the common camming action on both top and bottom string tracks, creating a balanced and synchronized system with straight and level nock travel for superior accuracy.


NO CAM ST™ Technology delivers a radically smooth draw cycle with incredible efficiency. This means that more energy is transferred into the arrow rather than being left in the bow to be experienced as post-shot sound and vibration.